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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • achilles, knee, shoulder

“Dr Lopez and his entire office are the best!! He is an amazing surgeon and his staff is unbelievable! Liza the medical assistant was amazing and extremely helpful during the entire process and I can't say enough about how the entire office makes you feel comfortable during the entire process. Thanks!”

Ana D

  • rotator cuff surgery and knee surgery

“Doctor David Lopez is an excellent doctor. I'm much better after my operation. He has a staff that is amazing and has helped me a lot. I recommend him to everyone as he has helped me recover from my surgery.”

Roger Barra

  • Bursitis

“I recently (October 2016) woke up with extreme pain in my left shoulder which was diagnosed by Dr. Lopez as inflammation of the bursae. (Bursitis) Dr. Lopez was kind enough to fit me in between appointments because of the pain I was in. The treatment was spot on andI was felling 100% in just two days. I had a similar experience with a torn meniscus a few years ago with equally great results. ”

Kathy Rosato

  • Left Knee meiscus tear

“I have been a patient with Dr. Lopez for a few years, since his other location in Holmdel.

From back pain to neck pain to knee pain , he always finds a solution to relieve me of discomfort ...

For the neck pain, I was able to get relief with the doctors suggestion for Physical Therapy that is located right in his office ...

Back pain I was sent for MRI's and needed an epidural.

The latest was my knee this September... after an MRI diagnosed it with 2 tears I proceeded to do arthroscopic surgery that Dr. Lopez recommended. It is exactly one month after the surgery, I am doing the recommended Physical Therapy with Glenn.... who is awesome .... and am doing the exercises every day .... I am pain free thanks to Dr. Lopez professional surgical ability to remove the tear. He is a very pleasant and caring man who loves what he does .

The staff is wonderful. They help answer any questions you have ...

I highly recommend Dr. Lopez.”

James Paul Freshnock

  • Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement
James Paul Freshnock's photo


I've been active my whole life, bowling, running, hiking, etc. Up to about 5 years ago, my weight fluctuated up & down for 40 years, at times being over by 30-50 pounds. In 2011, severe pain struck my right knee for the first time at 59 years old. In 2012, I my RN sister referred me to Dr. David Lopez who had done some successful work on her previously. He gave me a 2nd-opinion diagnosis of arthritis in my right knee. A replacement option was first presented here. I opted for his prescribed PT instead. After I finished six weeks, I didn't feel much better and discontinued it. Then, to my surprise, I started to feel a "mirror image" pain in my left knee. Of course, this was concerning. I went back to Dr. Lopez in the fall of 2013. We did another round MRI's and X-Rays on both knees, then discussed right knee replacement again. This time, I started to consider it. Through more thorough discussion, Dr. Lopez brought up the idea of bi-lateral replacement since my left knee was following suit. My initial reaction to that was a typical "NFW, two?", but Dr. Lopez reassured me, with his experience and today's technology, it could be done easier than you think. He said "many don't come back for the second surgery or spend too many years in between in doing so," but when he specifically pointed out that the recovery time between a single & double replacement were virtually the same, I started to think more seriously. I crunched all the numbers: The eventual out-of-pocket cost, my health & age, my current insurance, financial and professional statuses plus âAll that time' spent out of work, the pre-op blood work, cardio screening, the surgery itself, in & out rehabilitation, home recovery, extra doctor visits, hashing it out with insurance companies, putting people out, and dealing with all the pain, suffering, worry & the stress of it all! âAll that time' and anxiety would be doubled! One more major logistic considered: The symmetrical rehabbing of both knees at the same time being physically advantageous. There is no favoring of one side to another as with a single. Both grow stronger & heal together at the same time. I had a Dr. Spock moment. I told the doctor, "We're going for two!"

Surgeon Dr. Lopez & his associate Dr. Jeanette Parsons were awesome in a 5 ½ hr. surgery that went off without a hitch, including the nerve blocking anesthesia that made the pain very manageable. Of course with help of meds, in the 2 months since the surgery, I've never experienced a pain level more that 5 (1-10), including the day of & after surgery. I was on my feet for my first hospital rehab 26 hours after start of surgery, albeit four small sliding steps in the walker to the wheelchair. While in 9-day rehab, I worked therapy twice a day, took my first four âfree-steps', then was back home without the wheelchair 15-days after surgery. A week later, I was out of the walker. Ten days after that, I drove my car. I was back to work 31-days after surgery.

There was never ANY excruciating pain, just knee soreness & leg weakness. The hardest moments were getting out of bed in the mornings! From moment one, there have been no complications. The surgical incisions have been progressively healing very nicely. Twice a week outpatient therapy and daily icing of the knees continues. I never used crutches or canes.

I lost total use of my legs initially, but was fortunate in knowing they would come back. I certainly gained a new understanding and respect for paraplegics who are not that fortunate. God Bless you all! All in all, there were many exhausting tough moments to get through, but the tiny miracles that followed each one were a reward for staying positive and trusting those who were there to help. I have many, many people to thank, but most of all my surgeons. First, I awoke from the surgery! ;) I am now a bionic man! (still waiting on that $6M though?;) I consider myself blessed & very lucky. I am a success story because of others and my own will to live better. I learned a lot about human struggle, perseverance, caring, love and overcoming fear! The whole experience was truly uplifting!

Thank You Dr. David Lopez & Dr.Jeanette Parsons. You're the best in my book! Ever step at a time!

-James Paul Freshnock-

Neptune City, NJ

Brendan Tobin

  • Shoulder surgery
Brendan Tobin's photo

“I re-injured my left shoulder, damaging ligaments and tendons that had been fixed 32 years ago and doing some other damage to the bicep muscle and other things, just to make it a real mess. It left me with a range of motion like a Rock'em-Sock'em Robot toy.

Dr. Lopez was highly recommended by friends, so I went to visit and he has been 100% thorough every step of the way. Surgery took several hours due to the mess I'd made of things, but the outcome has been amazing. I didn't have to take any pain medication after the first night. The day after surgery, I was at my desk answering e-mails and I didn't miss any days of work.

I have been going to physical therapy in Dr. Lopez's office working with Steve Friedeman, a doctor of PT who has a workout room there, and my progress has been excellent. I have greater range of motion now than I had from the first surgery when I was 17 and I am now 50 years old.”

Mike Mauer

  • Pinched nerve/carpal tunnel

“Dr. Lopez & his CNP Janette did an excellent job in the operating room correcting my two problems. Both individuals have the patient's interest in mind and are willing to spend the time with you to answer all questions.

I highly recommend this team to anyone in need of an orthopaedic specialist. ”

Kevin J. Moore

  • Total Hip Replacement
Kevin J. Moore's photo

“After years of ever constant, progressing pain in my right hip, a fall during a Christmas snowstorm forced me to realize that I could not go on like this. I was losing the ability to walk. Upon my doctor's recommendation and my own research, I selected Dr. David Lopez. It was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. My surgery was April 5th, 2011, and I have not looked back. Dr. lopez was great, and right from the start I was never misinformed, never forced into anything. He answered all my concerns, all the facts were laid out for me to choose from. He told me my options and it gave me some relief that this doctor was very professional in his work and approach. He had a sense of calm and assurance that you knew that this man knew what to do and take care of you. His assistant, Nurse Practioner-Janette Parsons is one the nicest people you will ever meet and very happy to be at your side during your procedure. Her knowledge, skill, and personality are second to none and you will have all of that in your time of need. She is the perfect compliment to Dr. Lopez. She is one of those people that lights up a room when she enters plus skill and knowledge to back it up. The office staff, from Gail on down are outstanding with your appointments, paperwork, insurance matters and any problem that might arise. I can only praise to the highest degree that this doctor, nurse and staff gave me my life back, the ability to walk normal and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Steve Elyar

  • Right Shoulder Replacement Total

“My surgery was June 2012. After years of heavy mechanical work I was in constant arthritic pain. Surgery was my only option. Dr Lopez was very knowledgeable, informative and above all confident. I needed that and with this confidence recieved a very successful outcome. I can't say enough about the support I recieved from him and his NP Janette who is just outstanding, and with you every bit of the way. His office staff is friendly and very accomodating. My wife even recieved a call from the OR nurse to update her during my surgery, thanks to the caring of Dr lopez. I highly recomend Dr Lopez and Janette for the upmost in care when you need it most.”

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